Aldo Valdés Böhm

 I have been a professional woodworker and artisan for more than two decades.

My sculpture and my furniture have been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Mexic-Arte Museum, Big Medium Gallery and Art Palace Gallery as well as numerous group exhibitions.

I have a B.A. in Art History and Studio Art from Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas.

Aldo Valdés Bohm has been working with me since 2009 on a wide variety of custom-made cabinets, retail store fixtures, and creative art projects.

Aldo is an exceptionally talented artist, a great communicator, and an expert craftsman with an impeccable work ethic — qualities you rarely find all together in one person.

Aldo cares about aesthetics and small details because he has an artist’s eye. Everything he has ever built for me has both solid construction and a beautiful finish. Aldo knows how to blend custom pieces with the existing space elements, and his pieces are as beautiful as they are functional.

Working with Aldo is always a pleasure because he is such a natural listener, and brings excellent creative solutions to each project. Aldo asks all the right questions to understand each requirement before he gets started. Aldo’s ability to give accurate and realistic estimates on time and materials is a huge benefit of his vast experience.

I have often given him unusual requests requiring the use of unconventional materials. Aldo is always up for the challenge, and fulfills the vision perfectly. He is as kind and enthusiastic as he is skilled and talented. I get constant compliments on the pieces Aldo has created for my store and home.

I recommend Aldo’s stellar work with genuine enthusiasm and without hesitation.
— Leslie Bonnell, owner, Stitch Lab, Austin, Texas